Learning to be a Stay at Home Girlfriend

I’ve recently moved in with my boyfriend, Sean.  We live on a teeny-tiny peninsula that has small town amenities.  I’ve been living in cities for the past few years, so I’m relearning what it’s like to have the grocery store close at nine and that there are no second-hand stores, at least that I’ve found yet.

I’m also learning to be in a one-car household of two.  I’ve always had a car.  In high school, I drove around a fantastic beater, and it was the beginning of my freedom.  Since then, I’ve never driven anything less than five years old or over $4,500.  Having nice cars, brand name clothing, and things of that sort have never been important to me.  Plus, I’ve never had the means to purchase seriously expensive items.  In college, I once realized that what I had in my trunk, a snowboard and my school books, was worth more than my car.

When I say I didn’t have “the means” it’s not because I didn’t make enough money.  I did.  I just made poor decisions as an early 20-something.  I racked up loads of debt while paying for school myself.  I know what you’re thinking, student loans don’t exactly count as poor decisions.  Well, that’s not the debt to which I’m referring.  I got credit cards.  I bought bags and bags of non-brand clothing.  I went out with my friends to the bars.  I traveled all across Michigan to see these friends.  When I was done with college, I moved across the country.  Stayed for a year and a half and then moved to Alaska- The Middle of Alaska.  After I realized that was a terrible idea, I headed back to my home state.  With the love and support from my family, I finally started using my degree…  and was only making enough money to pay for a roof over my head, food for my belly, and minimum payments to my credit lenders.  My wages were great for Michigan.  Unfortunately, my cards were all maxed out and the minimum payments took all of my fun-money.

How did I get on to telling my 20-something’s “life” story?  Oh… I was explaining how I’ve always had a car and totally veered off course.  I will do this all of the time.  Be prepared.  If you want to have extra fun with it, put your hands in the air like you’re on a roller coaster and scream “Wee!!!”

So, I’m getting re-acquainted to small town life and having to share a car.  This means that I am home alone during the day.  The tiny town doesn’t have any job openings.  I was looking around online and found a page that said every business that was in town and how many people they employed.  The total employed was just over one hundred.  So, not a lot of opportunity for financial gain here.  Sean does fine.  So, we can pay for everything we need and all of my debt, beyond my minimum payments.

Essentially, I’ve decided not to work for money.  I’m going to “work” on me.  There are a few life skills that most people have that I am completely inapt.

Number One Skill I Suck At:   HOMEMAKING

Here I am going to start a new “game” that will make my learning process a little fun for me.

Home-Making Blog Rules:

  • Find a page on the internet that advises on home making
  • Follow all rules, excluding parts about children and Jesus
  • Blog about my opinions/feelings/anger/achievements
  • Not go outside of our household budget to do this
  • Each week, I will take at least one idea that worked for me and continue to use it from then on out

So, I start next Monday.  I will be looking for pages between now and then.  I’m already excited about this and dreading it at the same time.

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