One month

I can’t believe how much changes in a baby in 4 weeks. Her poops have really started to stink. She poops less often. She smiles when I talk high pitched. Her crying has gotten much louder, but also easier to decipher. Her eyelashes are longer. She has had one virus and recovered. Her neck is so strong. She likes bathing. She has almost grown out of her newborn outfits. She will eat until she hurls, so we have to take breaks on the pacifier.

My mom visited for 9 days and I made a lot of changes. I can put Joss down without feeling guilt ridden. I can leave the house with Joss. The diaper bag is finally properly packed. I clean as I go through out the day. My heart doesn’t break if she cries for 2 seconds.

We learned that she loves classic rock.

Fodi, the cat, unwillingly made a huge sacrifice. He is now declawed and has had a cone on his head since last Monday.

Sean continues to be great. I have fewer hormonal crying jags. Sean quit smoking, officially.

The update on how I feel about the pregnancy I just endured. Totally worth it. When we decide to have a second, I won’t hate it so much because I quil know what I get out of it.

Love her.
Now to begin applying for jobs. Not quite ready to be working, but it will likely take a decent amount of time to find one. ūüôā

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I have already learned so much in the 16 days since Joss arrived.

Sleep when she sleeps… Although I’m not doing it now. *slaps own wrist*

Once a baby gets diaper rash, it is really hard to get rid of. The dr says letting her butt get air is the best remedy. Drying out will help more than the meds. EASIER said than done.

My baby poops constantly. So, rocking her with a blanket under her, diaperless, does not work. I ended up with shit dripping down my hand, forearm, bare stomach, naked thighs (she woke while I was changing and was screaming bloody murder), and the front of my undies. In the next hour, I sat in the nursery with her while she laid spread eagle on the changing table, with a diaper under her, but not closed. During that time, she pooped four more times and peed twice. That’s a lot of diapers! I finally said fuck it and closed up shop.

Next lesson. Sean is fantastic. He gets home from work and takes over so I can sleep. We aren’t spending much time together, but we are both getting a decent amount of sleep and maintaining whatever sanity we claimed to have before. Here, I feel it necessary to give kudos to single parents. How do you do it?

After giving birth, your hormones go all crazy again. This turned in to my having some of the worst body odor of all time. Thankfully it only lasted three days, because even Josilyn was offended.

The itchy and irritated skin issues have all gone away!

When I realize I have a fever, my first thought is for my new baby, not myself.

My friends are wonderfully generous. We keep getting cute gifts and cards ast least every other day!

My daughter will not let me put her down. I think aMoby (diy) is in order.

Her smiles are the sweetest things on the planet.

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On January 27th, I went in for my semi weekly OBGYN appointment. In two days, my blood pressure sky rocketed and I was officially pre ecclamptic. The doctor told me we would be inducing that night. Yay! Being pregnant made me feel miserable and I was ready to open the most exciting present of all time. What did she look like? Would we both make it through healthy? Would daddy pass out? Would I bond immediatly?

Sean was on his way home from work, and I tried to wait to tell him to keep the roads a little safer. I couldn’t. I had to share! It was all going to start so soon. Yay yay yay! At least that was my opinion. Sean started freaking. We had the bags packed, but somehow, he still found two hours worth of running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I found it adorable.
This time I did the safe thing, and I drove us to the hospital. We held hands on the way. He was clammy and shaking. I was in a super zen happy land. This pregnancy was almost over. All that was left was the misery of labor. Bring it ON.

After 24 hours of attempting to “ripen” my cervix, Dr. Russo said we had gotten nowhere. So, she was going to place a tube inside of my cervix that has a balloon on the end of it. The idea is to inflate the balloon to trick my cervix into thinking it is dialating of its own free will. The nurse said I was lucky because Dr. Russo was the best at this and it would be as painless as can be. 30 minutes later, I was in leg shaking pain. Apparently, my anatomy is angled in ways that this procedure was not possible. Holy crap did we all try. Multiple nurses were called in to assist. My legs were held still in labor position. Sean had to stay ar my head to keep me focused on not punching anybody who was just doing their job.
Finally the Dr gave up and said that I had just endured as much pain as is involved in labor, and she was so sorry because she hadn’t failed at this procedure in years.
Next we would try 12 more hours of ripening, and if that didn’t work, just induce anyways to see if that worked. If it didn’t, then w would have to do a c-section. My response, “why don’t we do a c-section now?” Totally serious. Get this pregnancy over. Stat!
She heard me loud and clear and scheduled the c-section for the morning. I was ELATED!
The next morning we went in as scheduled. Sean looked adorable in his paper outfit. The spinal was much less painful than I ever could have imagined. Unfortunately, it affected me a little higher than it was supposed to, so I was numb from the arms down and the stress level in the OR started going up. I hummed to myself so I would hear as little as possible once I realized things were getting hairy. Sean could hear everything outside of the room and was scared. My blood pressure had dropped dangerously low. The only thing I was aware of was that a nurse who seemed clueless got in at least four people’s way and even had the anastgesiologist tell her to stop talking to him because he was trying to do his job at a crucial point.
Finally, Sean came in and it all got started. I didn’t feel a thing. I just watched Sean and gave him advice so he didn’t pass out. I was, at this point, only a talking head, so worrying about me seemed pointless.
When the big moment came, Sean was told he could stand if he wanted to see her come out. He said, “no. That’s a bad idea.” Then he stood. I watched his face. He was mesmerized. He smiled huge. Then he sat, kissed me, and without discussing it, we silently waited for it. Then it happened. She cried. She was okay. I was okay. My pregnancy was finally over.
“does she have red hair? Wait don’t tell me!” My first question to Sean who had seen her. When he held her up to me a few minutes later, I completely forgot to care about her hair color. She was perfect. We were officially a family.
The anastgesiologist took pictures of this moment for us. So awesome. I will post a few later.

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Quick updates, update

With no internet at home, I have not been posting much because writing from my phone can get frustrating. Not only time consuming, but an editing nightmare. No longer. I will now post messes. As long as you can get the idea, I will publish it.

Tonight we had our first diaper mess. She had been eating poorly all day. So fussy. I was crying and giving up on the boob. Sean’s patience were low. Joss just cried. We handed her back and forth and shut our worries behind the door.
Finally, I heard laugh, then gag, then swear, then puke. Poor thing went through 3 diapers while Sean tried to keep up. He doesn’t get that waiting can be the best choice. So he would be middle wipe, and then have a crappy hand. Spray shits. I left him to fend for himself, since when I needed him I had caught him outside smoking (his quit day was last Saturday).
After that, she was so calm, she ended up eating a ton… Then, she puked it all up. Silly me, had no burp cloth at the moment. Apparently, sean does not find baby hurl running down my newly enhanced cleavage sexy. He gagged again.
I cleaned joss and me up, burped her again, puke free. Three hours later, the two of them are passed out and I am still wearing my pukey shirt.

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Learning to be Frugal – Grocery Shopping 101

I have been posting on Facebook how I have been saving money with couponing.  A few people have asked for a couple of hints, so here you go!

Check out the pros websites.  So far, my favorite is I started with the Couponing Terms and Abbreviations page.  Most couponing websites use this format, and it is imperative to having any idea of what they are talking about.  Many people have also recommended  From both of those pages, I check out what deals they have and then I take off to other blogs they have tagged and check them out.  Coupons that come in the mail are different across the country, so sometimes it takes a little bit of research.  The majority of it is the same, though.

What I already knew, that isn’t common knowledge (although I thought it was):

My dad was in grocery store management for years. ¬†So, he would often talk about how people wasted money by buying name brand instead of store brand. ¬†I have been buying store brand forever. ¬†There are only a few times I won’t. ¬†That’s when it comes to canned corn and mushrooms. ¬†Store brand cereal? ¬†Yummy!!! ¬†Store brand medications? ¬†A must!!! ¬†They can be half the price, and as I have actually been a chemist at a company that made brand and non-brand drugs, it’s all the same thing!!! ¬†Nothing is different.

My parents also had me doing the family grocery shopping as soon as I got my driver’s license. ¬†I would take the list and head to the store. ¬†My dad would have already gone through the add and written down the big deals he wanted me to grab up. ¬†Even though he wrote it down, I often brought home the wrong item because stores can be deceiving. ¬†They will put the sale tag below a size of the same product that isn’t on sale. ¬†So always make sure to check the ounces/liters/grams/etc of the sale item and the one you have in your cart.

Just because it is 10/$10, you don’t have to buy 10. ¬†Often, most of these items are just $1 each. ¬†Now and again the add will specify that you must buy ten, but usually you don’t. ¬†Watch out for the teasers, “Buy 4 for $10!!!” because the price is often only $2.50 on a regular day. ¬†You aren’t saving a thing. ¬†If it is a great price at 4 for $10, remember, you only have to buy one, not four.

Look at the labels in front of the products that are slid into the shelving. ¬†When I can’t decide if I it’s cheaper to buy the big portion or the small portion, I cheat and look at the label for the per unit cost.


As I have known most of these things since I was in high school, I’ve been having a riot learning about couponing that makes it so I can get things for free or close to it. ¬†Last week I spent $7.?? for $44.?? worth of product!

Check out the websites I gave above. ¬†I will post again about what I’ve been learning when I’m not so sleepy. ¬†Happy learning!

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My Crotch Hurts. For Real.

I’m serious. ¬†It has been the pain in my pubic region that has caused me to be a less frequent blogger. ¬†When pregnant, there is a hormone called relaxin that makes your ligaments more pliable for the baby to get through during birth. ¬†It typically doesn’t start to work until the last month or two, but I got lucky (sarcasm font, where are you?) and mine started around 5 months. ¬†Here is a picture of a ligament that I didn’t know existed until the last few months.

That means that every time I walk, I feel like my pelvis may split in two, or if I sit on a hard chair for more than 2 mins, that when I stand, I’m pretty sure the pain is going to cause me to scream. ¬†So, no more trips to Starbucks to people watch while I write. ¬†Since my computer loves to freeze up, as it’s older, having people to stare at and judge while I wait for my screen to unfreeze, is pretty important. ¬†I’m currently at the library, because their chairs are have a little cushioning. ¬†We’ll see how my crotch feels in a bit.

Other pregnancy fun…

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and all is going as planned. ¬†They always say that Josilyn is a very active little lady. ¬†As soon as they find her heart beat, she usually slams her feet into me and flips over. ¬†I imagine it’s like a swimmer’s flip.

Every skinny doctor I have says I’ve gained too much weight (20lbs). ¬†Since I’m already heavy, I should only gain a total of 15-20lbs for the entire pregnancy. ¬†Yesterday’s doctor was explaining to me why I should exercise in general (because, apparently I am a moron, and don’t know that it’s good for me). ¬†When he asked why I wasn’t exercising, I said flatly, “My pubic bone is already spreading and I’m in agony most of the time. ¬†So, no, I’m not going to hit the gym or go for long walks.” ¬†Since he is a he, I wanted to rip his glasses off his face and smash them with my foot while screaming “You have no idea what this feels like, fucker!” ¬†I didn’t. ¬†When he suggested I do water aerobics, I smiled and said, “Yeah, that’s a great idea.” ¬†I will not be doing water aerobics. ¬†I do not have a maternity bathing suit and I don’t have free access to a pool. ¬†Sean and I have started a very strict budget so that we can be great parents, and spending money on a suit isn’t happening, and neither is paying for a membership to go to a pool. ¬†I love swimming… but it’s not happening. ¬†Plus, I’m not worried about shedding the weight, since I had such great success with ViSalus at the beginning of my pregnancy. ¬†While I didn’t know I was pregnant, but taking ViSalus, I dropped over 25lbs. ¬†So, when the skinny doctors tell me I’m gaining to much weight, in the back of my head, I’m also thinking, “You don’t know that I still weigh less than I did when I actually GOT pregnant!”

From crotch, to fat, to skin! ¬†I am so freaking dry!!! ¬†My skin isn’t cracking like it does during Michigan winters, but it itches even more than when it becomes snake skin dry. ¬†It’s super sensitive too. ¬†I hate wearing pants right now. ¬†They make me even more itchy. ¬†I have a few pairs of super soft pajamas that are my at home wardrobe. ¬†When I head out, I wait until the very last minute to put on real pants and typically have them off the minute I sit on the toilet when I get home (because, yes, I have to pee all of the time!). ¬†I’m actually going to get up right now and head to the bathroom so I can lube up my belly. ¬†I don’t think the 16 year old across from me would ever recover if I did it right here. ¬†Although, it may be a great way to promote safe sex!

Oh yeah!  That was AMAZING!!!

The skin situation had gotten so bad that not only have I put pants on my “Five Biggest Threats to Jen” list, I had also become a lotion addict. ¬†A bottle of lotion that typically lasts me two months was used up in a week and a half. ¬†This would have been fine if it was bringing any relief, but it was like meth. ¬†Right after the initial lotion high wore off, all I could think about was when I would get my next hit. ¬†I would sit back and attempt to conserve my lotion, only to find myself reaching out for it 10 minutes later. ¬†I needed help. ¬†I turned to Google.

While these things seem so basic, I have added them to my new skin regimen and have become a normal lotion user again. ¬†No more hot showers. ¬†The closer to tepid I can handle, the less moisture it sucks out of my skin. ¬†I oil up my entire body at the end of the shower, before I even get out, with baby oil. The article said that if I was still wet when it was applied, that more moisture would be held in. ¬†It also said to shower every other day, at most. ¬†This, I can abide by… unfortunately, some other issues have come from the pubic ligament situation. ¬†Whenever I go anywhere, no matter the short amount of time, when I get home to rest my pained crotch, it heats up like an oven. ¬†It is so inflamed, from the inside, that I have a bag of peas to cool it off when it reaches blistering (I’m not exaggerating, it has blistered) hot points. ¬†With this heat, comes added moisture around the pubic area, which then doesn’t smell that great. ¬†So, it’s either stink or itch. ¬†I was clearly going to choose stink… until I came up with my own amazing idea! ¬†BABY POWDER! ¬†It keeps things dry and has a pleasant smell. ¬†I am learning!

Now on to hair! ¬†It has grown at least two inches. ¬†I’m so glad I chose to grow it out. ¬†When it’s short, I get it cut at least once a month… it would have been insane to keep up due to time and cost.



Sean and I made an unexpected trip home in late October. ¬†He stayed for one week and I stayed for two weeks. ¬†The focus of the trip was to promote ViSalus (the weight loss meal replacement shake I mentioned before to our Michigan friends. ¬†As I was planning this trip, I was in contact with a lot of people to let them know I would be home, when my friend Maggie (Menezes) Walcott asked if she could throw me a baby shower. ¬†What a SWEETIE!!! ¬†So, her and my mom went in to full and quick planning mode and gave me a gorgeous shower. ¬†So many people came! ¬†I felt totally loved. ¬†It was one of those times when I wished I lived closer, though. ¬†I wanted to spend quality time with everybody that made the effort to come, but it just didn’t work out. ¬†In a perfect world, I could have had a family baby shower and a friends baby shower. ¬†That way I could have had more time to visit with each person.

With so many people, I was blessed with many presents for Josilyn.  The amount that people had chosen to gift us with was so generous.  Again, this was another one of those times I felt a little rushed.  I have been to quite a few baby showers, and I know that when you have to sit there and watch the mom-to-be strain and groan to open all of the gifts, it can get pretty boring.  So, I tried my best to get through them quickly, while also attempting to show any amount of the depth of my gratitude.  With this situation, at least I have Thank You notes to get in some more appreciation.

Other than the time issue, the Baby Shower was PERFECT! ¬†Maggie and Mom did everything with such care and speed, that I couldn’t be more thankful. ¬†I want to be clear here, that the time issue was nothing that could have been changed, unless I moved back to Michigan. ūüôā

Maggie had asked what food I might like to have there, and for whatever reason, I wanted meatballs. ¬†I asked, she delivered!!! ¬†Nom nom nom…

Other than the gifts, one of the great things that I got to bring home from the shower were these little envelopes that have notes from everybody. ¬†On the front each one describes a time after baby’s arrival. ¬†A couple of examples; “First night as new parents” and “First Father’s Day for Sean as a dad.” ¬†They are all sealed close, and when those moments arrive, we get to open them and read the note from whatever person got that envelope. ¬†The note inside could have to do with the actual event, or maybe it’s something more general. ¬†I am really looking forward to opening these.







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