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Renting is NOT easier than Owning

As a renter that has moved all over the US, I have lived in some insane situations.  Not the kind where the water pipe bursts, although that has happened.  I’m talking about the kind where my neighbor has multiple personality … Continue reading

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Adventures with Flat Stanley

Right after I finished last weeks blog, I went to the mail box and found that a new friend had been delivered!!!  Flat Stanley.  My cousin Landen sent him to me.  The idea is that he gets sent to different … Continue reading

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It was PMS

I’m not sure what happened last week.  Between my irritability and sinus infections, last week did not happen.  I announced to Sean that I was taking the week off.  I didn’t do a thing.  Sean even made all of the … Continue reading

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Week 2 – The plan!

Sean had the day off today, which has been great.  It’s nice to have him around for more than the regular weekend.  Especially since I was superbly moody during the “regular weekend.”  No, it was not PMS, and Sean was … Continue reading

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Week 1 – Lists

So the homemaking page that I’ve chosen first is on the simple side.  I thought I’d put my toe in to check the temperature before I do a cannonball. Here is a bit of the posting.  I’ve shortened it … Continue reading

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My Current Home Making Agenda

I’ve realized that I’m not only writing this blog to entertain myself and a few readers.  I’m also writing it because there are no pages on the internet that have a reasonable way to transition from career-woman to home maker.  … Continue reading

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1996 Homecoming “Date”

The first step is admitting there’s a problem.  Since Higbee doesn’t have the ability to speak, as he’s a cat, I will do it for him.  Higbee is a bulimic.  His favorite place to purge is on a carpet.  In my … Continue reading

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