At 7 months

Joss sits up on her own and will look up randomly from her play to give me a big ol’ smile.  She melts my heart regularly.  Especially now that bed time is getting easier.

Around 6 months old, babies are able to learn how to soothe themselves.  We have been cosleeping.  Yep.  I have been cuddling and holding her all of the time.  I don’t regret it.  I feel cosleeping is totally safe.  I’ve done the research. Anyways… babies can’t soothe themselves until about 6 months.  So, while I was visiting MI, my parents put her down two or three nights in a row while I was out.  They let her cry for 5mins at a time and then went in to soothe her… it was the beginning of a much happier night time for us all.

My random bits of advice on all of this.  Have a night time routine.  My mom kept saying it was important and I kept ignoring her.  Now we have bath time and talk about going “nigh’ nigh'” all during the bath.  She loves baths.  We wave good bye to the bath water and get into some sleepy clothes and a sleep sack.  Then it’s time for a little “Ba” (Bottle) and when she gets squirmy, it means she wants the rest of the ba on her back in her bed.  She doesn’t like cosleeping unless she’s sick now.  I miss her… but our bed is much roomier!

I’m not very focused… but I wanted to update on the great bed time routine.  Thanks to Grammy and Grandad for the help.

As a side note, Joss got to meet much of the Mulligan clan today at her Grandma’s annual picnic.  So happy they got to squeeze on her.

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1 Response to At 7 months

  1. MOM says:

    Glad it’s still going well. Wouldn’t life be easier if we didn’t ignore our parents so frequently? Just sayin’.

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