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My upcycle idea


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So you’re having a baby… here’s some pushy advice for guesstation.

When you’re pregnant, and the entire time your child is growing up, every single person is going to give you advice. Some times it will be advice that you end up using every single day. Other times it will be … Continue reading

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How She Started Sleeping Alone

I would like to point out that this wouldn’t have been possible without my parents’ support.   Getting the routine was a huge change for us.  Bath time every night unless we get home and she’s already sleeping.  It isn’t … Continue reading

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At 7 months

Joss sits up on her own and will look up randomly from her play to give me a big ol’ smile.  She melts my heart regularly.  Especially now that bed time is getting easier. Around 6 months old, babies are … Continue reading

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Joss is going to be 6months old this Sunday.  She is quickly adjusting from a cuddling/crying/sleeping infant into a baby that knows what she wants, when she wants it, and how she wants me to do it for her. When … Continue reading

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Anthony and Popsicle Sticks

Learned yesterday that a friend and classmate passed away over night.  We just entered our 30s!!!  He lived through the beginning of “The War on Terror,” being one of the first on the ground in Afghanistan, doing and seeing terrible … Continue reading

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Easter and GiGi

This is my me time.  It’s when Sean and Joss are in bed and I can do WHATEVER I want… as long as it makes no noise.  That typically includes some TV and Facebook… which may depress some readers, but … Continue reading

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