How She Started Sleeping Alone

I would like to point out that this wouldn’t have been possible without my parents’ support.


Getting the routine was a huge change for us.  Bath time every night unless we get home and she’s already sleeping.  It isn’t always top on my list, but she tires herself out in it.  Plus, the water splashes in her eyes and makes her start rubbing them, which means night night time. I was happy to keep her in bed, but she started squirming so much it was clear she was ready for her own space… so she needed “trained” on how to do that.  First, I held her like usual to go to sleep.  After she was out, I would sneak out from under her and leave her on our bed, on her back, with a pillow against her side so she felt like it was me. I put other pillows on the ends of it so she couldn’t pull it on top of herself.  Typically she was back awake a little by this time, so I would put my forehead against her cheeks and stroke the top of her head and hold her hand.  I would do that every time she woke up.  After two weeks of this, I took away my forehead touching.  Then the hand holding.  Then I moved her to her own crib and the head stroking works.  If it doesn’t, I let her cry for 5minutes then come back in and calm her, without picking her up.  It took three days.  Now she can put herself down.  I still get to sleep with her when she’s not feeling well.  I love it.  After a few days, when she starts feeling better, she’s totally ready to get back to bed.  Oh!  And I sleep with a receiving blanket under me every night so that I can give her that one for the next night.  I want to point out, that she isn’t rolling over.  As soon as she does, the receiving blankets will be cut into quarters so that there isn’t a strangulation hazard. 

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