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List-Week Results Are Processed!!!

I said I’d choose an easy homemaking advice page.  I was sure I had done that by choosing one that is all about list making and accomplishments.  The short of it is that I had to make a list, prioritize the list, … Continue reading

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Week 1 – Lists

So the homemaking page that I’ve chosen first is on the simple side.  I thought I’d put my toe in to check the temperature before I do a cannonball. Here is a bit of the posting.  I’ve shortened it … Continue reading

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My Current Home Making Agenda

I’ve realized that I’m not only writing this blog to entertain myself and a few readers.  I’m also writing it because there are no pages on the internet that have a reasonable way to transition from career-woman to home maker.  … Continue reading

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Learning to be a Stay at Home Girlfriend

I’ve recently moved in with my boyfriend, Sean.  We live on a teeny-tiny peninsula that has small town amenities.  I’ve been living in cities for the past few years, so I’m relearning what it’s like to have the grocery store close … Continue reading

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