Easter and GiGi

This is my me time.  It’s when Sean and Joss are in bed and I can do WHATEVER I want… as long as it makes no noise.  That typically includes some TV and Facebook… which may depress some readers, but it is my heaven.  No crying baby.  No baby looking at me and cooing with the most adorable smile on her face hoping that I will play with her… which means I will play with her.  Who can resist this sweet face!?! Plus, I am her momma and that’s what mommas do!


First Easter

Lately she has been mastering her the use of her hands.  It was adorable to just start watching her attempt to put them in her mouth.  Now, it is just a simple task for her.  From the other room I constantly hear her sucking on her fists.  Now I get to put toys on her chest and watch her pick them up and shove them in her mouth.

She also just started teething.  She has become a drool monster and loves chewing on everything.  It started with my fingers.  When I realized how happy it made her, it was obviously time to break out the teething toys, which I keep calling “chew toys.”  Now she giggles and squeals the entire time we have them in her mouth.  A frozen wash cloth is her favorite.  For whatever reason, it is hysterical to her.

HER FIRST LAUGH!!!  It happened when Sean had left for ten minutes to pick up pizza.  I had a sore throat and was making shooting noises with my lips, pretending her feet were my guns.  Apparently that is hysterical and made her laugh.  I couldn’t stop laughing with her.  Heaven.  When Sean got home I told him she “may have” had her first laugh.  I knew I could get her to do it again and then we could experience it together, as far as he knew.  Nope.  Haven’t gotten her to laugh since.  So, now I’m a big liar.  But, who cares, she laughed!!!


Nathan, Susan and Gretchen came out to meet Josilyn last week.  I suppose spending time with me and Sean was nice too.  I loved having them here.  I got to play with Gretchen and she let me hold her, even though she is in a “momma only” phase (at least she was that week).  I get to see her again in two months, and I’m going to get her to love me even more.

It was seriously special to me to have them come out to visit.

Trading Babies

Joss and GiGi




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