One month

I can’t believe how much changes in a baby in 4 weeks. Her poops have really started to stink. She poops less often. She smiles when I talk high pitched. Her crying has gotten much louder, but also easier to decipher. Her eyelashes are longer. She has had one virus and recovered. Her neck is so strong. She likes bathing. She has almost grown out of her newborn outfits. She will eat until she hurls, so we have to take breaks on the pacifier.

My mom visited for 9 days and I made a lot of changes. I can put Joss down without feeling guilt ridden. I can leave the house with Joss. The diaper bag is finally properly packed. I clean as I go through out the day. My heart doesn’t break if she cries for 2 seconds.

We learned that she loves classic rock.

Fodi, the cat, unwillingly made a huge sacrifice. He is now declawed and has had a cone on his head since last Monday.

Sean continues to be great. I have fewer hormonal crying jags. Sean quit smoking, officially.

The update on how I feel about the pregnancy I just endured. Totally worth it. When we decide to have a second, I won’t hate it so much because I quil know what I get out of it.

Love her.
Now to begin applying for jobs. Not quite ready to be working, but it will likely take a decent amount of time to find one. 🙂

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