I have already learned so much in the 16 days since Joss arrived.

Sleep when she sleeps… Although I’m not doing it now. *slaps own wrist*

Once a baby gets diaper rash, it is really hard to get rid of. The dr says letting her butt get air is the best remedy. Drying out will help more than the meds. EASIER said than done.

My baby poops constantly. So, rocking her with a blanket under her, diaperless, does not work. I ended up with shit dripping down my hand, forearm, bare stomach, naked thighs (she woke while I was changing and was screaming bloody murder), and the front of my undies. In the next hour, I sat in the nursery with her while she laid spread eagle on the changing table, with a diaper under her, but not closed. During that time, she pooped four more times and peed twice. That’s a lot of diapers! I finally said fuck it and closed up shop.

Next lesson. Sean is fantastic. He gets home from work and takes over so I can sleep. We aren’t spending much time together, but we are both getting a decent amount of sleep and maintaining whatever sanity we claimed to have before. Here, I feel it necessary to give kudos to single parents. How do you do it?

After giving birth, your hormones go all crazy again. This turned in to my having some of the worst body odor of all time. Thankfully it only lasted three days, because even Josilyn was offended.

The itchy and irritated skin issues have all gone away!

When I realize I have a fever, my first thought is for my new baby, not myself.

My friends are wonderfully generous. We keep getting cute gifts and cards ast least every other day!

My daughter will not let me put her down. I think aMoby (diy) is in order.

Her smiles are the sweetest things on the planet.

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  1. Maggie W. says:

    I love this. Keep on blogging – baby mama. It helps all of us Michiganders know what you’re up to. Besides cleaning up poop, of course.

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