On January 27th, I went in for my semi weekly OBGYN appointment. In two days, my blood pressure sky rocketed and I was officially pre ecclamptic. The doctor told me we would be inducing that night. Yay! Being pregnant made me feel miserable and I was ready to open the most exciting present of all time. What did she look like? Would we both make it through healthy? Would daddy pass out? Would I bond immediatly?

Sean was on his way home from work, and I tried to wait to tell him to keep the roads a little safer. I couldn’t. I had to share! It was all going to start so soon. Yay yay yay! At least that was my opinion. Sean started freaking. We had the bags packed, but somehow, he still found two hours worth of running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I found it adorable.
This time I did the safe thing, and I drove us to the hospital. We held hands on the way. He was clammy and shaking. I was in a super zen happy land. This pregnancy was almost over. All that was left was the misery of labor. Bring it ON.

After 24 hours of attempting to “ripen” my cervix, Dr. Russo said we had gotten nowhere. So, she was going to place a tube inside of my cervix that has a balloon on the end of it. The idea is to inflate the balloon to trick my cervix into thinking it is dialating of its own free will. The nurse said I was lucky because Dr. Russo was the best at this and it would be as painless as can be. 30 minutes later, I was in leg shaking pain. Apparently, my anatomy is angled in ways that this procedure was not possible. Holy crap did we all try. Multiple nurses were called in to assist. My legs were held still in labor position. Sean had to stay ar my head to keep me focused on not punching anybody who was just doing their job.
Finally the Dr gave up and said that I had just endured as much pain as is involved in labor, and she was so sorry because she hadn’t failed at this procedure in years.
Next we would try 12 more hours of ripening, and if that didn’t work, just induce anyways to see if that worked. If it didn’t, then w would have to do a c-section. My response, “why don’t we do a c-section now?” Totally serious. Get this pregnancy over. Stat!
She heard me loud and clear and scheduled the c-section for the morning. I was ELATED!
The next morning we went in as scheduled. Sean looked adorable in his paper outfit. The spinal was much less painful than I ever could have imagined. Unfortunately, it affected me a little higher than it was supposed to, so I was numb from the arms down and the stress level in the OR started going up. I hummed to myself so I would hear as little as possible once I realized things were getting hairy. Sean could hear everything outside of the room and was scared. My blood pressure had dropped dangerously low. The only thing I was aware of was that a nurse who seemed clueless got in at least four people’s way and even had the anastgesiologist tell her to stop talking to him because he was trying to do his job at a crucial point.
Finally, Sean came in and it all got started. I didn’t feel a thing. I just watched Sean and gave him advice so he didn’t pass out. I was, at this point, only a talking head, so worrying about me seemed pointless.
When the big moment came, Sean was told he could stand if he wanted to see her come out. He said, “no. That’s a bad idea.” Then he stood. I watched his face. He was mesmerized. He smiled huge. Then he sat, kissed me, and without discussing it, we silently waited for it. Then it happened. She cried. She was okay. I was okay. My pregnancy was finally over.
“does she have red hair? Wait don’t tell me!” My first question to Sean who had seen her. When he held her up to me a few minutes later, I completely forgot to care about her hair color. She was perfect. We were officially a family.
The anastgesiologist took pictures of this moment for us. So awesome. I will post a few later.

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One Response to Labor

  1. Stepmonster says:

    Awww..I almost cried. Good on you for bringing your A game….what an experience! Glad everything worked out okay.

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