Quick updates, update

With no internet at home, I have not been posting much because writing from my phone can get frustrating. Not only time consuming, but an editing nightmare. No longer. I will now post messes. As long as you can get the idea, I will publish it.

Tonight we had our first diaper mess. She had been eating poorly all day. So fussy. I was crying and giving up on the boob. Sean’s patience were low. Joss just cried. We handed her back and forth and shut our worries behind the door.
Finally, I heard laugh, then gag, then swear, then puke. Poor thing went through 3 diapers while Sean tried to keep up. He doesn’t get that waiting can be the best choice. So he would be middle wipe, and then have a crappy hand. Spray shits. I left him to fend for himself, since when I needed him I had caught him outside smoking (his quit day was last Saturday).
After that, she was so calm, she ended up eating a ton… Then, she puked it all up. Silly me, had no burp cloth at the moment. Apparently, sean does not find baby hurl running down my newly enhanced cleavage sexy. He gagged again.
I cleaned joss and me up, burped her again, puke free. Three hours later, the two of them are passed out and I am still wearing my pukey shirt.

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5 Responses to Quick updates, update

  1. Stepmonster says:

    Oh man…I didn’t know babies so knew were capable of spray shits…the horrors! Poor everyone 😦

  2. Dixie says:

    Love it!

  3. MOM says:


  4. Theroarkofus says:

    Hey! I’m glad to see an update from you! Feels like forever! I don’t have kids so I can’t relate to the diaper thing, but did want to put in a little suggestion about your bf quitting smoking. I’ve been smoking over 10 years, husband for about 8 and for Christmas I got us both electronic cigarettes (green smoke- they are the BEST) and we have been cigarette free for 2 months. It is pure nicotine, so the cravings aren’t bad, and it doesn’t smell or stain or anything like reg cigs. They allow you to step down on the nicotine levels so you eventually get to nothing. It has been awesome. Just a thought.

    I’m glad you’re doing well, I love reading your updates!!

    • Maggie W. says:

      Sounds like you are already well versed in your new parenthood vernacular:
      * poop* feces* ka ka* doo doo* crap* bowel movement* butt mud* (Marlowe’s favorite) lumpalump and of course…the dread spray shits.

      I understand the words coming out of your mouth completely. Smoochies.

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