My Belly Must Have Popped Out on the Plane

Two weeks ago I headed to Michigan to spend some quality time with my family. I hadn’t seen anybody since January, and now that I’m pregnant, I’ve just wanted to be around my ovarian carrying relatives. The trip was booked VERY last minute. I had mentioned to Sean that Mom had said she wished I was coming that week because she still wasn’t back to work. When I said that, he said, “Then book your trip.” I didn’t think we had the money for us to go. Turns out, we didn’t have the money for “us” to go. However, we did have the money to send me, and Sean has been thinking for weeks that his going wasn’t the greatest choice. His work has been offering tons of overtime, and he felt he couldn’t turn down those double time hours and pay since he is going to be a father soon. So, the next morning I booked my trip, and was in Michigan the next evening.

I was a little nervous to fly while pregnant with my amazing amounts of morning sickness. People throw up on planes semi-regularly and I was pretty sure I was about to be one of them. So, when I sat down on each plane I told my seat neighbors that I was pregnant, and pre-apologized if I got sick. Everybody was very nice about it. Most congratulated me and told me not to apologize because it’s just a part of life, even the men. My warnings ended up not being needed, I made it through the all of the 12 hour trip without tossing my cookies.

Before flying to Michigan, I had told Mom time and time again that I was not showing. Any “largeness” that I was feeling was only because I am chunky. While sitting on the bus ride to the airport, I realized I needed to undo my pants because I was feeling a little squished. So, maybe I was starting to show, but only under a layer of fat, and who would possibly think that I was pregnant and not just fat? Throughout the rest of the traveling, I had to keep the pants undone. I couldn’t even button them to walk through the airport during my layover. While it made me more comfortable, I was worried that I might lose my pants while walking. It also looked terrible, because I was wearing a fitted, non-maternity top and my undone pants were totally visible though the thin material. Whatever, I was feeling comfortable. Is it possible I “popped” out that day?

As Mom and Reba pulled up at the airport, I felt tired, but happy that I was getting to be around my family! Directly after getting hugs, Mom announced that I was showing and dressing frumpy. So while home I shopped at Motherhood Maternity and was finally able to purchase some items. I have been in the store multiple times and haven’t managed to buy anything more than a t-shirt. Mom helped me realize that I can be cute and pregnant. Then, I got my hair highlighted at my favorite salon of ALL TIME, Prime Design. Yay mini makeover!!!

My trip brought me back to Sean with a renewed smile on my face. He made that smile even bigger when he picked me up at the Seattle Airport and recommended Pike’s Market for lunch. When I lived Seattle, I loved to go in for flowers, so this was a wonderful idea!!! We went to my favorite place, The Athenian, and enjoyed our late, fried lunch. As we walked back, we bought some nectarines, pea pods, snap peas, and two bouquets of flowers. One of the bouquets was $5 and the other was $10.

One the way home, I remembered that we didn’t have any vases, so we went to Goodwill and picked up a two vases, which went along with my newly chosen kitchen color theme of maroon. After that, we headed straight home. Once home, I looked for my phone to update my Facebook status and say that I was back in Washington. I couldn’t find it, but wasn’t stressed about it because I had just unpacked two bags and I knew it was in that mess somewhere.

On Monday, Sean and I had some friends over, Sean and Christina and their almost 1 year old, Sophie. We did some shopping, then came back to the house to shoot guns. It felt like I hadn’t even left Michigan! My Sean recently got his dad’s guns from his step-dad and since the other Sean loves anything that is loud, they set up a target and went for it. Of course, I shot too. I am a Michigan girl after all! Sean didn’t bring out one of the hand guns… because I think it has terrible voo doo on it. I don’t even like having it in the house. It has a Nazi insignia on it. His grandpa had been in WWII and after killing a Nazi, stole his gun. I’m so sure that the gun has killed tons of Jews, it gives me the heebie jeebies. Sean agrees, so that’s a relief. We may be Michigan hicks, but that gun is creepy.

Anyways, I got distracted from my point.

Sean and Christina were over and we were shooting guns in the backyard. I was starting to feel a little sunburned, so I headed inside to get some water. While in there, I started to get annoyed at not being able to find my phone. It had now been missing for more than 36 hours. Plus, I didn’t bring much to Michigan, so I should be able to find it easily. I dug through everything and it wasn’t there. I knew it was somewhere in the house or car because it was on the floor all of the way home on Sunday in the car. Since I decided I must have done something ridiculous with it, I started looking in the fridge, the kitchen drawers. That’s when my Sean came in and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was still looking for my phone and was pretty sure that it was somewhere really dumb. He asked when was the last time I saw it. I told him it had been on the floor in the car, and I remember picking it up as I got out. After that I opened up the back door to get out the… What was I getting out? Then it hit me and I screamed, “Pick up the flowers!!!” while pointing at the vase on the kitchen table. He looked at me really weird and reached to pick up the vase. “No… pull the flowers out!” He did it and the moment I heard his hysterical laughter I knew that we had found it. He was laughing so hard he couldn’t even reach inside to pull it out. He just stumbled around the kitchen bent over from hysteria. When he was finally able to pull it out, it looked like a childhood toy of mine. You know the one. It looks like a Game Boy, but is filled with water at the top, and you push a button to pump the little plastic balls up to put them in a fish net or through a basketball hoop. So, yeah. My $380 phone now looked like a two dollar water toy.

You’re probably wondering how exactly my phone got in the vase and stayed there. When I got out of the car and reached into the back seat to pull “something” out, it was the vases from Goodwill… and I threw the phone into one of them. Mistake number one. Mistake number two was that it was the polka-dotted one that you can’t see in. Mistake number three isn’t anything I can change, it’s just that I’m short. So when I put the flowers into the vase I couldn’t see inside of it. After putting the flowers in, I filled the vase with water. My $10 flowers turned into a $300+ mistake very quickly.

While I have always been a space cadet, even this action blew my mind. Christina said it was due to pregnancy brain. I smiled and hoped that was it, until I heard my Sean say, “No it’s not. She’s like this all of the time and has been since I’ve known her!” I hung my head in shame, knowing he was correct. I am still holding on to the hope that a tiny amount of this act was due to “pregnancy brain.”

So, I’m becoming a super-space-cadet, but I’m also coming out of the morning sickness stage!!! That’s right! The morning sickness is almost gone!!! I’m finally beginning to be a little happy about being pregnant since I’m not spending so much time hovering over the toilet.

The other reason I’m starting to like my pregnancy, is that I love seeing me belly get bigger. While I thought I would hate this, because I’m going to get stretch marks, I’ve decided I love it. I have been shoving pillows and basketballs up my shirt since I can remember to pretend I was pregnant. A little bit of me has continued to wonder what I would look like pregnant, and now I’m starting to find out, and that’s totally fun. Having cute clothes to put over the bump makes it way more fun. Also, pulling on maternity pants every morning is heavenly. I think I will wear them for the rest of my life.

Wednesday Sean and I had our second obstetrics appointment. Everything is going well with the baby, and I am fine. Even though everything is fine now, they are going to list me as a “high risk” pregnancy because I have had high blood pressure in the past two years and I only went off my blood pressure meds when I realized I was pregnant. The doctor said that a woman’s blood pressure gets lower than normal in the first and second trimester. Since my blood pressure is great right now, she is concerned that it will pop back up during the last trimester. Fingers crossed that it will be fine!


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4 Responses to My Belly Must Have Popped Out on the Plane

  1. Dianne Tilmann says:

    I’m so happy for you and Sean. And I can’t wait to hear the sex of the baby. This will be the most exciting journey of your life.

  2. heather Streicher says:

    Jen- As I’m reading this I am laughing so hard because Sean is right…you have always been that way! I can picture your reactions and everything when it dawned on you where your phone was at…LOL! Also, I feel like I’m going back in time because what you are feeling was almost exactly how I felt going through my pregnancy! I’m so excited for you and Sean!! And to hear what the sex of the baby is!! You are almost to the best time of your life…I never thought I could love being a mother so much!!! Mackenzie is my world and when your little one comes embrace every moment because it goes by way too fast…and take lots of pictures!!!

  3. Maggie W. says:

    First of all, I have to tell you: Yee ha girl – EMBRACE that belly! I too share your love of maternity pants and clothes in general. (Don’t tell anyone…but I still get out my tubs of maternity clothes upon occasion – just to go through them and ooh-and ahh over their cuteness and comfort.) I remember telling people how I loved maternity pants because they required little to no effort on my part – no buttons, zippers, etc.. It was just “pants go up, pants go down, pants go up, pants go down”. This as you now know, is extremely important considering a pregnant woman’s daily peepacity.

    I can also recommend some other great (and much cheaper) places to shop for your future maternity clothes needs: Old Navy (online only), Kohl’s & my personal favorite – Goodwill. Goodwill can be a total crapshoot, but just occasionally, it will surprise you.

    Secondly: SO….today’s the day!!! The drooling masses want to know: Are you expecting a baby BOY or baby GIRL? Personally, I’m going to throw my own guess out there right now – for boy. Why – you ask? Well, for no other reason than the fact that you are surrounded by so many new girl babies already. And somehow, it just feels right. Now if I’m right….what do I get?? (please say naming rights…please say naming rights…:))

    Finally, you’ll be thrilled to know that pregnancy brain doesn’t end with the birth of your child, although it does segue into “mommy mind”. This leads you to do crazy things like, forget to put diapers back on your child after sitting them on the potty (in my defense, she was wearing a dress at the time), and trying to put a frypan of meat in the microwave instead of on the stove. Yeah, you’re in for a lifetime of easy excuses, girlfriend.

    I love you so much, and am so excited for you both.

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