While the ultrasound didn’t get me into the maternal mode, this shirt that my sweet, sister-in-law, Susan, sent me totally did.  I wore it out to do a bunch of shopping.  I got tons of congrats and “I LOVE THAT SHIRT!” comments.  Thanks, Susan!  You made me proud to be pregnant for the first time!  You have no idea how much that means to me.


Sean and I had our first ultrasound yesterday.  We found out that we were not at ten weeks, like we had been thinking, but at 14 weeks!!!  Which, as my cousin, Erin, put it, “That was an easy month! Whew!!!”

I was in awe of how big it is and how much it moves, although I can’t feel it at all.  Our lady doing it was very sweet, talking us through each angle.  She was going to have me go pee in hopes of the baby turning over so we could get better profile shots.  Right before she was going to have me go, I passed some gas.  Guess what?  The baby rolled over.  The ultrasound tech kept saying, “How convenient that the baby just started turning.”  I only told Sean about it after we got out.  I did not get super maternal… although I wasn’t looking at it in a “parasite” type of way, so that’s a step in the right direction!

As for how Sean did, I don’t think he cried, but he was totally googlie eyed.  When he did the math and realized being at 14 weeks meant we would have a baby in about five and a half months, he almost threw up on the floor.  For real.  He was all gaggy.  Who said men don’t have  pregnancy symptoms?  Our due date is now February 7th.

Here are the pictures!


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6 Responses to Ultrasound

  1. Now I can comment and squee more. lol

    My wife, Rachel, says that she didn’t really have the maternal instinct until the moment Margaret was born, then the flip got switched, and the gods forgive the person that got between her and her baby! But it wasn’t always that way, as she spent most of the pregnancy trying to manufacture that feeling. She said her barometer was “would I jump in front of a truck to save this child?” During the pregnancy her answer was “well, yeah, I guess I would?” and the second she was born, just about, it became “I would in a heartbeat.”

    She also thinks it was on week 15 or 16 she could start to feel Mags. In her case, it felt more like a forceful, repetitive gas bubble. lol

    Also, February 7th is a great due date! Margaret was born on the 4th. 😉

    • newfrankyj says:

      Ooooh! Our babies may share a birthday.
      I’m happy to hear that Rachel felt the same way… so many women think they suck at being a woman by not totally adoring a fetus. That is why I am being so forthcoming about my feelings. What is surprising me is how many other women had similar experiences to what I am having. Thabks for reading and sharing!

  2. Dixie says:

    Are you trying to take good care of your “fetus”? (and I know the answer is yes) If so, you already have the makings of a loving mom!!! Thanks for sharing the ultrasound, I teared up! S/he is beautiful! The shirt is great!

  3. d0johns1 says:

    It needs to be a boy so that he can date and marry one of the twins and thus making us related. You shall never escape us Jen!

  4. Susan says:

    The ultrasound pics look great! I’m so glad that you liked the shirt – you had me tearing up a little… Any idea when you’re going to make it back out to this part of the country for a visit?

    • newfrankyj says:

      Every comment I got on the shirt, and there were many, I said, “I love it too! My sister in law sent it to me!!!”
      I hope to be back in September. I want to meet my niece!

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