Nesting into the New Home

Sean and I are in love with our new place.  We’ve got more than twice the room of our last place, and triple the kitchen counter-top surface.

Other things we love about the new place:

  • The sink is really deep and holds more dirty dishes than we own.
  • The flooring is brand new, so I’m able to get it clean.  I am actually enjoying sweeping, then dry-Swiffering, followed by the Wet Swiffer Mop.  It gets SO clean.  Thanks to Dave Johnson for the advice on Swiffering.  I think of you every time I’m doing it.  And by it, I mean Swiffering, not “IT.”  
  • The washer and dryer are in the huge bathroom.  We both drop our clothes outside of the shower, so now, when a small pile builds up, I just toss it in to the washer!  If there are any whites, I carry them out and put them in the white’s bin that takes more than a week to be worthy of turning on the washer.  This has made our place so much cleaner.  No clothes strewn all over the house and piled up in, over, and around the dirty clothes bin.
  • Gas range.  It heats up so much faster.  There’s so much more control.  I love it.
  • Gas fireplace.  When I’m chilly, I can walk over to it and be warm in a matter of seconds.  
  • Kitchen table, with room to sit around it.  We’ve been having meals at the table rather than on the couch.  That just feels so normal, it’s weird.  We even had Sean’s mom and step-dad over for Mother’s Day.
  • Windows.  There are so many windows, which gives us so much natural light.  I used to dread heading in to the house at our old place.  It was so dark and uninviting.  Now, I just toss open one curtain and the whole place is lit up.
  • It’s in the country.  I don’t have to wonder if the people living upstairs will see me walking through the house naked.  I like natural light, and I don’t have to hide from the windows to go pick out my clothing for the day.  
  • It’s close to two different towns.  One is more of a small town kind of place (Ferndale, WA).  The other is Bellingham, and gives a city feel.  Their both about a five minute drive away.
  • I love it because I don’t have to go through the border anymore.  Sean still has to, but no  more than he did before.  I hated the border.  The Canadian border patrol officers were rarely friendly.  I always felt like a teenager lying to my parents about where I’d been and where I was going.
  • There’s carpet in the bedrooms.  For some reason, I hate having hardwood in the bedrooms.  With carpet, I just feel cozier, and it’s easier to fall asleep.
  • Windows, again.  Higbee, the cat is LOVING the many windows he can run in between to keep eye on his bird friends.  He’s even been lucky enough to have a set of parents-to-be build their nest one foot from the front window.  Not only that, but the window sill is about four feet high, and the nest is only six… so he’s right on top of it.  He chirps at birds.  Sean finally heard him do it the other night.  
  • There’s an extra bedroom.  Right now, it’s only holding the clothes we can’t put away yet.  They’re all clean, though!  We don’t have a dresser right now, and the Landlord hasn’t put the shelves up in the closet… so they stay on the floor for now.  Maybe we’ll score one on Craigslist!
  • There’s a fire pit in the back yard.  Sean has built up a BBQ area in it, and made the most delicious steaks I have EVER had for Mother’s Day.  It really does make a difference to have it smoked over wood.  Mmmmm….
Here’s a few photos from Mother’s Day and other Around the House ones…

Dean and Philomena

Sean BBQ

Euchre - Women vs Men


Isn’t he CUTE!?!

The women won euchre!

Angel food cake, fresh strawberries, and raspberry sherbert.  Mmmmm….

Extra Room


Living RoomNo time to edit… Starbucks is kicking me out.  I really am growing up, aren’t I?  Getting kicked out of a coffee shop instead of a bar.  Hope you enjoyed.

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4 Responses to Nesting into the New Home

  1. Jamie says:

    very nice posting. It sounds like a lovely home, especially with lots of room and clean floors and lots of windows. You sound very happy and yes very “grown up” 🙂
    love ya

  2. Susan says:

    Yay for happy Jen in her new place!

  3. newfrankyj says:

    Thank you, ladies! It’s so wonderful to have a”normal” life right now.

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