Adventures with Flat Stanley

Right after I finished last weeks blog, I went to the mail box and found that a new friend had been delivered!!!  Flat Stanley.  My cousin Landen sent him to me.  The idea is that he gets sent to different parts of the world from an elementary class, and then the recipient mails him back with pictures/brochures of where he’d visited.  Then it gets shown to the class, and the students get to learn about a new place.  So, I get to take him on adventures and then make a presentation board of our shenanigans.  So far, we’ve gone through the US-Canadian borders together.  Later this week, we’re going to head down to the ocean/beach, to Dean’s sailboat, and to check out the mountains when we get a clear day.  I’ve been carrying him everywhere!  He’s a pretty fun guy.  He even helped me with Sean’s birthday cake.  I let him do the frosting.  That’s why it looks like a kid did it.  I just wanted him to learn something new. 🙂  You can click on the pictures to see a bigger version.

This weekend was a Craigslist Score!!!  I’d been keeping an eye on all of the free stuff this past week, so we might have some things lined up to at least look at this weekend.  Then, I woke up at 8am on Saturday and started emailing for everything that looked good.  Scores;

  • Dresser and shelving unit – FREE through Craigslist
  • Couch with a matching chair – $30 through Craigslist
  • Kitchen table with four chairs – $9 at a thrift store
  • Books – 25cents each at a yard sale

Everything we got is nice and solid.  The kitchen table/chairs are goingto get painted.  The couch’s cushions are full and not sagging at all.  I’m so happy, and we only spent $40 for all of it!  It was really fun to do, too!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve done a few things with the box of crafts that Mom sent me.  I covered a styrofoam container with a vinyl table cloth that has little hearts.  I also made some “art” out of poster board and calendar pictures.  Having fun little projects makes me happy.

I had an extra project I wasn’t planning on doing.  This is because the mirror-gods have decided that I am not worthy of looking at myself.  Philomena loaned me one that she’s had for forty years.  I had it propped against the wall and Higbee knocked it over and it broke.  Sean also knocked my mirror that props itself onto the floor and the propping joint snapped.  So, I was once again left with the bathroom mirror.  It’s not very helpful.  All I can see is my eyeballs and up.  At least I can see whether or not my hair is looking crazy.  After the propped mirror broke, I said eff it and “fixed” Philly’s mirror.  I just used the glue gun to get the biggest piece affixed and then covered the broken area with some fabric.  Then I hung it up.  It’s not the prettiest thing, but I can see myself, and that’s pretty. 🙂

Good news!!!  I got the car back after one day!  The mechanic out here is a really goofy guy that is, apparently, also quick and cheap.  I’ve been getting mad stick shift skills going.  It’s starting to come naturally, rather than having to think about every gear change.  I’m just so short, that my pubic area is touching the steering wheel, and I still have to extend my toe to get the clutch all of the way down.  I’m on the look out for rumble strips to make the ride more entertaining.

This past week has been full of migraines, and then, finally, a new chiropractor.  He’s down in Bellingham.  I decided we would get along just fine when he handed me the paperwork and said, “These just need some signatures, same paperwork shit you fill out everywhere.”  His adjustment was AMAZING.  I’ve been having intense pain between my shoulder blades.  Every time I got off the couch, I’d been babying that area, while waiting for the pain to come.  It’s now gone!  The migraines are gone!  I also have issues in the morning with my tail bone area.  It takes a little while to get it going (I’m getting OLD!!!).  So, he gave me a pelvic brace.  Until he pulled it out of the box, I was imagining some mountain climbing gear.  Turns out it looks a lot like a weight lifting back brace.  It’s just more flexible and holds together with velcro.  It makes me horribly muffin topped… but I love waking up with no pain.  So, I’ll be wearing that most nights for the next few weeks, at minimum.  “Yay” for no pain!!!

The afore mentioned migraine was partially due to the house I live in getting worked on.  The migraine maker was that the landlord never told us anybody was going to be here, or that they would need in to our apartment.  I’m so happy we’re moving in a month.  Eugene, the landlord, has made living here uncomfortable.  It’s his first rental and he has no idea what he’s doing.  Two weeks ago, I was in bed and there was a knock at the door.  Since I was happily in dreamland, I ignored it.  Apparently that was the wrong non-answer. A minute later, I hear keys in the door and it was being opened.  Since Sean wouldn’t knock, and nobody else has a key, I knew it was Eugene.  So, I yelled from my bed that I was still sleeping.  He said, “Oh, okay.  I’ll give you a couple of minutes then.”  Seriously!?!  He had a construction guy with him that was here to do an estimate.  In the bedroom.  Hide the “personal” items!  I know it’s law to give 24 hours notice, but I would be happy with any amount of notice.  Like, a phone call an hour ahead of time.

When the worker came back this week to drywall a storage area, I was not happy.  In fact, I was shaking-mad.  Eugene had not told us anything.  While the storage unit isn’t in our apartment, every one of our walls touches it.  So, that means it was really freaking loud in here.  Everything got knocked out of out medicine cabinet into the sink below.  Ugh.  I would have made plans to be gone had I known.  I ended up going to Philomena’s to color her hair for a few hours.  Thank goodness I got a reprieve because I was about to explode (yep, PMS again).

Before I left I asked the contractor if he had the landlord’s number (we don’t have it… can you imagine being a landlord and not giving your number!?!)  because I needed to tell Eugene that this was unacceptable.  Well, he didn’t have the number on him… so I just sat here getting madder and madder until I went to Philly’s.  Once I got back, Eugene showed up!  I went straight outside.  “Eugene, it would have been nice to know that somebody was going to be making so much noise today.” Response; “Oh, I forgot.” He sounded like a little kid that forgot to bring his homework home.  My response; “You’ve never given us a call before, so…”  He then told me that they would be doing our bedroom the next week.  We’ve got a moisture issue at the floorboard, and I’m sure there’s mold growing up the back side of the drywall.  I was so mad when he informed me.  Then, it struck me that we’re leaving in a month.  So, I asked him to wait until after we move out to do that.  It’s not bothering either of us.  He agreed that would be okay.  Thank goodness.  The contractor is a really nice guy in normal life, but he’s a jerk when he’s working… so I don’t want him in my house.  I don’t want my bedroom coated in drywall dust and mold.

I’m sure that Eugene was never going to mention the future work to us.  I’m so glad I talked to him.  Next time he knocks on the door without calling first, I’m going to answer the door naked and tell him that renters expect notice.  I’m also going to tell him that it’s law we get notice, and that Sean and I are really easy going, so he’s lucked out with us.  Others may not be okay with it.  In fact, I’m not okay with it anymore.

Ahhh… nothing like a little ranting to get it off your chest.

Another update from last week, Nutrisystem is still working.  I’m making much better food decisions on a regular basis.  My second month shipment arrives tomorrow.  I can’t wait, because for the past week, I haven’t been sticking to the food plan exactly.  I’m out of the stuff that I like, and having mashed potatoes for lunch doesn’t do it for me.  This month, I’ll sneak in a few of the foods I don’t like so much throughout, so I’m not left with grossness on the last week.  I was able to customize my order this month.  I’ve been reading other blogs and it looks like Nutrisystem isn’t great about delivering exactly what you ask.  I’ve just got my fingers crossed that I get meals I enjoy.

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost, but it’s a minimum of five pounds from the last time I weighed in.  Weighing myself regularly can’t happen until I get a scale.

A little over a month ago my brother and sister-in-law, Nate and Susan, asked if I would be willing to spend time on the internet to help them sell some items that are just taking up space in their house.  So, I made my first sale a week ago.  I’d posted their items before and hadn’t had any takers.  Today may be the last day of a second item, and it’s guaranteed to sell at this point in time, so I’ve made two sales for the three of us!!!

Nate and Susan are having a baby at the end of May.  I’m so excited.  Not only are they going to be fantastic parents, but the new little lady is going to be my first niece!!!  It’s the first time I’ll be an aunt!  I just look forward to watching her grow up with such loving, fun, and smart parents.  Susan sent me a picture of the baby room.  It’s adorable!!!

That’s about it for this week.  I hope life is treating you as well as it is me!!!

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4 Responses to Adventures with Flat Stanley

  1. Mom says:

    You’ve been busy. Glad you put your foot down with the landlord. Glad you’re doing so well. Love you.

  2. Bessie Mavis says:

    Love it. Miss you. Glad to hear you are loving the life you have. – Bessie Mavis

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