Knitting with the Fuhrer

Nutrisystem is going okay.  I planned on taking a little break over the weekend for Sean’s birthday dinner.  When we wound up at Sushi with his siblings, I mainly had sashimi (no rice).  So, it was still really healthy.  It was fun to see his sister, Deirdre.  She graduated two years ahead of me in our home town.  I met his brother, Paul, for the first time.  Until Sean and I reconnected back in June, I didn’t even know he had a brother.  It’s weird to learn something so late, that I feel I should have known back in high school.  I’m not sure how that never came up.  Paul’s two kids and wife also came.  Sean talks about his nieces and nephew all of the time, so it was fantastic to meet them.  They’re 15 and 16.  Two ages that I still feel I can relate with.  I was SO self centered in high school, that I have not forgotten much of what I went through, which likely ends up being what they’re going through now.  I’m pretty sure I caught one of them telling a fib.  They were good at it, though, and I’m not going to rat them out on the first day I’m meeting them.

Paul and Deirdre, Sean's siblings

Other great news- I’m allowed into Canada for the next six weeks.  I went to the Canadian border and explained my situation.  I let them know that I’ve got doctor’s appointments, interviews (hopefully) and moving to do.  I had written down my doctor’s names and appointment dates/times.  I also had a list of all of the places I have applied to on the mainland.  Since three is a charm, I also had a few housing opportunities and their addresses written down.  The lady I talked to was awesome, understood, and even thanked me for being so prepared.  I’m free!

Sean’s parents loaned me their car for the time being.  Unfortunately, I just went out to go to the chiropractor, and the car wouldn’t start.  It’s an 80s something Volvo… so I’m not shocked.  It’s also a stick shift, which means I have no idea how to work on it.  Thankfully the issue didn’t happen before an interview!

Volvo Update – Dean and I towed it down to the local mechanic.  He was impressed by my abilities when it came to towing.  I was the car being towed.  Since my dad loves to bond while working on things, I have been the towed person multiple times.  So, when Dean and I took off, I’m not sure he had much confidence in me.  A half mile into it, he realized I knew what I was doing and only used hand signals rather than hollering from the front vehicle.  Anyways, it needs a new starter which means I’m not totally free, once again.  I know that Sean’s mom will let me borrow her car, if she doesn’t have any plans, though.  So, if anything important comes up, I will be fine.

So, with my access to and through Canada, I’ve gone to the girly-doctor, the book store, bought an interview outfit, and gotten better at driving a stick shift.  I can’t explain how nice it is to be “free.”  Sean and I are now working on moving to the Blaine/Bellingham area.  That way, I can get a job easier, and I won’t be limited by water to the south.  I’ll be able to drive to Mexico if I feel like it!

This weekend, Sean and I had fun with Craigslist.  We’ve figured out that the best FREE items are posted during the weekend mornings and you have to be ready to go get them.  It’s amazing the things people put for free out here.  A lot of it is nicer than anything I’ve ever owned.  In the add, they’ll even say that they just want some good karma, so they’re giving their 3month old couch away.  On Sunday, we found a great table from IKEA.  I emailed the guy with our phone number.  I sat next to the phone ready to run out of the door when he called back.  Instead, he emailed back… which I was not checking.  So I missed out.  This table is my absolute favorite at the store.  Next weekend, I will get up earlier to start refreshing the FREE page.  Once I’ve emailed people, I’ll also check my email every five minutes.  Sean’s parents have already agreed to let us use their trailer for picking items up.

I’ve really appreciated Sean’s mom and her husband (Philomena and Dean).  They’ve done a lot for me since I’ve been out here.  From small things like stopping by to say ‘hello’ and make sure I’m not bored out of my mind, to letting me borrow their extra car.  Today, I’m actually going to color Philly’s hair.  Last week, she taught me how to knit.  I’ve never done it before and had no idea what I was doing.  She knows her patience level is low, as do I.  I was worried that learning to knit from her wouldn’t go well.  It started off great.  I decided I could do it right handed, which made it easier for her.  After she did a few stitches, she was ready to hand it off to me, and I had NO idea what I was supposed to be doing.  She’s been knitting since she was a child, in Dublin, so her knitting “slowly” while I watched, was not slow enough.  She never explained what a “stitch” was, so when I was trying to “come back” she would start yelling, “No, through the stitch!!!”  Then, she’d quickly take it from me and “slowly” show me again.  Finally, I was getting nervous and felt like an idiot.  I was about to announce that maybe knitting wasn’t for me, when I realized this was supposed to be fun for both of us.  Not only were we both stressed out, neither of us was smiling.  So, before I knew what I was saying, I announced that “I feel like I’m knitting with The Fuhrer!”  I paused.  No idea how that was going to go over.  Oh crap.  Then she laughed.  We both laughed.  The rest of the lesson was fun.  Let’s not forget, knitting is a part of house-wifery.  I believe I get extra credit for the week!  I’ve now made this awesome face-blanket.  At least, that’s what I’m calling it.  It’s still my first “project”, so it’s not that pretty… but I’m proud of it!

Learning to knit

Other good news- I’m sleeping on a normal sleep schedule!!!  I go to bed about 11pm and get up somewhere between 6am and 8am!  Yay to normalcy!

Son of a biscuit!!!  I just saw my first spider out here.  I had a good run.  Now it’s time for the killing spree.

Tonight is dinner with Sean’s parents for his birthday, which is actually today.  Happy Birthday, to my Love!!!

I’ll be coloring Philly’s hair tomorrow… it worked better for her. 🙂

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6 Responses to Knitting with the Fuhrer

  1. Susan says:

    Please tell Sean happy birthday from us!

  2. Aimee says:

    Man…I was just about to say “Damn! Is Sean’s brother single?” Then you had to go and throw in the whole wife and two kids thing…..I was so close to moving to you Jen! 😉

  3. Mom says:

    Love the blog! Glad to hear the sleeping has improved and all is going so well. You deserve it! Send pics of your new interview suit.

  4. newfrankyj says:

    Oh, Aimee, I love you!
    Mom, I said, interview “outfit.” 🙂 I could not find a blazer to fit me ANYWHERE. Very frustrating. Once I hem the pants, I’ll post a picture. 🙂

    • Mom says:

      I think Clinton and Stacey would tell you to get a jacket tailored at the store. If not a fitted jacket, there are less structured ones in the WP department that would look great on you I’ll bet. I hate fitted jackets because of the armage…makes me look like I’m miserable, which I am. Also agree with Aimee…both siblings are very cute as is their baby brother. 🙂

      • newfrankyj says:

        I would like to get a blazer… but if I don’t look or feel good, then I just don’t see the point. I’m going to keep trying them on. I just wanted to be prepared in case I got a phone call and needed to be ready ASAP. That way, I wouldn’t be so stressed about the interview. Hoping I don’t get held up at the two borders I cross, that my car will make it, and that I don’t say anything stupid is enough stress. I love fitted jackets, so I will find one that fits these Westra arms, and then have it altered. You’re right. For any immediate calls, I feel pretty good with what I’ve got.

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