Red Wine, Please!?!

It’s about midnight and I am in the most content mood.  Sean just fell asleep.  I always tuck him in, which entails some kisses and cuddle time, typically until he falls asleep.  Then I come back out to the living room and inevitably stay up all night, no matter how I fight to go to dream land.

Tonight the whole Franklin-Newman family is here.  I’ve got my cat, Higbee, hiding in the closet.  Sean’s got his dog, Tuff, who is a cuddle muffin.  Unfortunately, Tuff is confused on what to do right now.  I’m awake, so he wants to be in the living room.  Sean’s in bed, so he wants to be in there too.  It’s turned into a toe nail tap show throughout the apartment.  Plus, all Tuff really wants is for Higbee to be his friend.  He does so well with Higbee.  He looks at him and whines.  If he gets too close, Higbee gives him a warning-growl.  After the warning, the kitty-boxing gloves come out and Tuff runs away whimpering.  Higbee isn’t quite prepared to befriend him, but he is tolerating him, and that’s freaking fantastic.

Why won't you love me!?!

Other than having a “full house” I’m content because of Nutrisystem.  I’m on day 4 and I can already tell that it’s working.  Standing, my stomach is no longer sticking out twice as far as my breasts.  Keep in mind, I’ve got itty-bitty ta-tas, so sticking out twice as far is not as huge as the average woman would thus be.  Now, if I’m wearing a bra, they’re at the same “outtie” distance.  Yay!  Plus, when I sit, I don’t feel like my gut is in the way.  I can’t believe the difference 4 days has made!

There’s only two big down falls.  I had gotten used to “grazing” and now it’s really difficult to not lick the peanut butter knife after I spread it on Sean’s peanut better and jelly sandwich.  I’m only allowed one teaspoon of peanut butter at dinner time.  A teaspoon!?!  That’s not even enough to make ants on a log.  Also, since Sean is eating regular food, when he leaves out the stir-fry for a little while, I just want to pop bits of it in my mouth.  That’s where the will power has to be strong.  I’m happy I’m seeing results already, or I wouldn’t be able to hold out.  (Why is this a different font!?!  I can’t figure out how to fix it.)


The second downfall: When I have fresh veggies, I used to always have a glass of red wine with it (or a bottle.  Whatever.).  I didn’t even realize that I did that.  It’s become apparent as I find myself craving it like no other.  Since I’ve moved in with Sean, who is a recovering alcoholic (2yrs and 4months sober!), I’ve decided to not drink.  Before getting out here, I’d already decided that I wouldn’t keep alcohol in the house.  That just seems cruel.  However, I did plan on having drinks here and there while out with Sean’s friends and family.  He has told me multiple times that would not bother him.  The idea of drinking with his friends/family went out the window when I was told that I couldn’t get into Canada to live… or even visit for that matter, because of a 5 year old DUI conviction.  So, I decided to just give up booze for awhile and see how I liked it. So far, I’ve had no problem being without it.  Not having a hangover at least once every two weeks has been amazing.  The weight didn’t fall off like I hoped it would…  I thought the empty calories I had been consuming while in the Around the World Club at a local pub in GR must have been keeping the weight on, and continuously adding it to my hips.  Other than not having a hangover, all I’ve seen change is my complexion.  Of course, I also don’t miss waking up to the feeling that perhaps I gave out TMI (too much information) during the bar visit.  I tend to love to talk about sex and poop all of the time.  Sober, I’m able to filter out who the appropriate TMI recipients are, but when drinking, I might tell anybody about everything.  I truly find it taboo that poop and sex are not talked about more often… but you’ve always got to judge your crowd.  I do no judging with a few drinks in me. 🙂

Anyways.  I was not feeling an urge to drink at all until now that I’m on Nutrisystem and I’m not allowed to drink.  You say I can’t do what!?!  Well then I want to do it.  I want to see optimum results, so I won’t be partaking, but man I would love to have a couple glasses of cabernet.  Mmmmm…


Overall, I’m thoroughly happy with the Nutrisystem.  I’m actually learning to be a better house “wife” because of it.  There’s no throwing a bunch of crap in a pan and eating it.  I have to think about whether or not it fits into my meal plan, and then I have to prepare it.  About one of the meals during the day, I have NO urge to chop up vegetables and pretend that I’m going to like it.  Of course, once I do it and sit down to eat, I can’t believe how yummy it all is.  Then, the prepackaged meals give me the feeling of eating “normal” food and not being on a totally restricted food plan of fruits and veggies.

Even the rain didn't keep me from going for a walk.

I’ve felt so much better emotionally since late in the second day, due to the amount of crappy food that I got out of my system.  I’ve got more energy, my smile comes freely, and I am not minding doing quick house clean ups.  I never thought that Nutrisystem would help me to improve my house wifery.

The second surprise that Nutrisystem delivered to my door – Dry Ice!!!  Sean and I had a little fun with it.   Are you ever doing something totally child like with another grownup and you realize “This life and this person is SO right for me!”?  Yeah… I had that moment when Sean I are were spitting on the dry ice to watch it freeze in strands.  Seriously love this man.  I was the first to spit on it and Sean’s response was, “Nice aim.  You hit that perfect!”  Love. This. Man.  He’s perfect for me.  Romantic, sweet, disgusting, handsome, and a jokester.  What more would I ever ask for?

Dry ice fun

The crafting I planned on doing hasn’t happened.  I had a few things come up that were really important and I took care

of those this week.  I do have a project I’m ready to do.  I’m going to use the styrofoam container that the frozen food showed up in.  I’m going to “upholster” it with one of the fabrics Mom sent me in the care package.  When it’s done, I’m hoping it will look like an ottoman.  Here’s the stuff Mom sent me.  I’ll keep posting each craft I make when I get them done.  Now you can know what I was working with.

That's just for him...

While going through the pictures of the week… I can’t manage to stop myself from posting this one.  Remember when Bill Cosby gave birth to that gynormous hoagie and a 2 liter of pop?  Well, when I looked over and saw what Sean was creating for dinner, I couldn’t help but think of it and start laughing.  By the way, after he finished these four, he made one more.  Why?  “Because the bread is essentially air!” – Sean.

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7 Responses to Red Wine, Please!?!

  1. Susan says:

    If it’s been 5 years from your conviction, you can apply to get into Canada. But it has not yet been 4. Sorry.

    • newfrankyj says:

      Huh… I kept thinking it had been 5yrs. You’re right. Crap. But, the time clock doesn’t start ticking until I finished paying my fines… which I was thinking was 2.5 years ago. Or so I thought. I think I was on the two year payment plan… so that means I’ve only been done for a year and a half!?! Son of a biscuit!!! Do you have any thoughts on that fine-payment being the start of the ticker? I’m glad you gave me that reality check. Otherwise I’d have been doing a countdown and then been hit in the face with another year.

      • Susan says:

        It’s my understanding that it is only the court costs/fines that are part of the countdown – not the driver’s responsibility fees that you were on the payment plan for. If I remember correctly, you paid off the court costs and fines fairly quickly after your sentencing. But I don’t practice in Canada, so can’t be sure…

  2. Jamie says:

    Very nice Blog and sounds like you are enjoying yourself, although very limited area to enjoy 🙂 I’m happy though your happy, that is always nice to hear and read.

  3. sherry franklin says:

    Love the spitting picture. Sean looks like a 30-something little boy.

  4. SMFD says:

    I think we may be soul mates.

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