Redefining ‘House Wifery’

The past couple of weeks, I’ve given up on the House Wife Project.  I haven’t been blogging, because if I’m not doing the project, what do I have to write about?  I need to redefine the house wife role as it applies to me.

Sean has agreed to do the dishes.  He also cleaned the entire house while I was sleeping on Sunday.  It was so awesome to wake up to a spotless house.  I do not excel in super cleaning.  I like to do small cleaning projects like, sweeping and Swiffering.  I also don’t mind doing the laundry.  My favorite thing to do is to decorate.  That’s why I cried when my mom shipped me a bunch of items that are craft-able.  She even sent me a glue gun!  I love that woman.

It’s been difficult to be without my craft supplies.  They currently reside in a Grand Rapids storage unit.  I left most of my possessions in MI on the off chance that Sean and I didn’t work out.  I’ve moved for a guy before.  That time I brought everything I owned.  Six months after I got there, I had to sell almost everything.  I loved my things.  I had a fantastic red couch, copious amounts of Ikea furniture and decorations, and the best bed I’ve ever slept on.  I no longer own any of those things.  Driving back to the mainland from Alaska with a trailer in February is not a safe journey.  Not only that, but it was necessary to get the eff out as quickly as possible from that living situation.

I learned my lesson from the Alaskan experience.  This time I only shipped out clothing, a few baskets, blankets, my stereo, and some other odds and ends I felt I would need.  While craft items are not something I need, I love all things that are pretty and sparkle.  So, being without the gorgeous array of all things shiny, I’m not quite feeling myself.  So, how am I supposed to be improving when I’m not feeling complete?  I’ve done a lot of personal growth in the last two years with anti-depressants, counseling, and Xanax.  Now I’m not feeling “whole” because I’m not creating pretties.

Without my pretties, I have nothing to motivate me.  I used to do a thorough cleaning whenever I wanted to do a project.  To create beauty, I need a clean space, so that I can “see” what I’m going to create without visual distractions.

Excellent… I’ve decided that this week I will craft.  With the things Mom sent me, I’ve got plenty of supplies.  Yay!  I’ve got a project for the week.

Also, my Nutrisystem shipment arrived… so I’m starting today.  I’ve already eaten breakfast, and it was yummy.  I can do this.  Mainly, because I can’t stand being chunky anymore.  I love having curves, but I shouldn’t have an innertube around my stomach.  That’s one curve too many.  I lie, it’s two curves too many.  Yep.  Two inner tubes.  Pretty picture, right?  Nope.  That’s why I’ve got Nutrisystem.  Wish me luck.  No no no.  Wish me will power.

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