It was PMS

I’m not sure what happened last week.  Between my irritability and sinus infections, last week did not happen.  I announced to Sean that I was taking the week off.  I didn’t do a thing.  Sean even made all of the meals and did the dishes.

Perhaps I’m not meant to be a house wife.  Yep.  I did two weeks and am totally over it already.  I’m not quitting just yet.  What if I took on too much for somebody completely inept?  I was proud to be doing what I was when I started this blog.  I made dinner, did the dishes and packed Sean’s lunch.  This made him perfectly happy and I was already improving by doing that.  After the first week of List Making, I felt like it was all going to be pretty easy.  I had fun that week, faultered here and there, but also succeeded.

Last week I planned on doing the FlyLady advice.  I didn’t do anything but scrub the sink.  When the sink wouldn’t come clean like she said it would, I got pissed and just wanted to throw in the scouring pad.  I was still going to keep it clean at night to wake up to a clean sink.  Then, on the second night, Sean put dishes in the sink after I had already cleaned it.  He knew that I was keeping it clean for the week.  Even as he put the stuff in there, he announced that he would clean it before he went to bed.  He didn’t.

I woke up the next morning and was so irritated and in so much pain from my sinus infection, that I decided I was taking the week off.  Yep.  I was going to be completely passive aggressive with my mate.  That seemed like a better idea than screaming at Sean like I was in the mood to do.

Two days later, I was so irritated, that everything Sean did or didn’t do was pissing me off.  I didn’t want to scream at him because we haven’t had our first fight and I wasn’t sure what it was that I was mad about.  I know, the men out there are thinking, “Typical woman!”  I was even feeling like I was being completely irrational.  THEN!!!  I realized that I was not being irrational.  Without going into much detail, I realized I felt like I was being ignored and what I felt was important was not, in Sean’s eyes.

Then!!!  Guess what I did next!?!  I told Sean!!!  Can you believe it?  I didn’t keep my feelings to myself and wait for him to figure it out himself (which he never could have).  I told him, gave clear examples, and then let it sink in.  A few hours later, he came up with his own example, and I knew that he got it.

First fight still averted!  We both know it’s coming and that it will likely be started by me, but it wasn’t last week.  So far, it hasn’t been this week, either.

Now I feel like I’m in over my head with the house.  I let it get really messy.  Typically I sweep twice a week and it hasn’t happened in a week and a half.  There’s laundry thrown all over the bedroom.  Clean clothes are mixed with dirty.  So, now I’m feeling totally overwhelmed with what needs to get done to get the house up to snuff, in order for me to get back to this project.

It’s likely this project is also going to be a “newly moved in together couple” project.  I’m going to be bringing back the fun part of this soon.  I promise.

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2 Responses to It was PMS

  1. d0johns1 says:

    Typical woman. Oh wait. No. As the house keeper at my house (at least, usually…not at all lately, that’s been my mother in law) I say, take a week off here and there.

    Just don’t stop blogging because I love every word you write.

    • newfrankyj says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Dave! Sean has agreed to be the dishwasher in our home. I despise it more than any other chore. I’m almost back in the mood to jump back in, but not feet first. I’m more going to do it Hokey-Pokey style.

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