List-Week Results Are Processed!!!

I said I’d choose an easy homemaking advice page.  I was sure I had done that by choosing one that is all about list making and accomplishments.  The short of it is that I had to make a list, prioritize the list, and finish the list before doing anything else that day.  Easy enough.

Facebook.  That’s right.  You read it.  Facebook.  I realized that Facebook is why I suck at being an adult.  I can keep up with friends, stalk people, have fun banter, discuss politics, and play games.  How am I supposed to resist this temptress!?!

Day one was a flop.  I didn’t even make a list.  My mental list included making and decorating sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day and I did!  See?

There was a second portion of this cookie fun that I had planned for the day.  Yes, eating some was expected… but not what I’m talking about.  Sean and I live on the corner in this little town and I wanted to make a few single people’s day.  I was going to make a sign that said, “Single?  I made you a cookie!!!” or something cute and fun.  I expected that people would stop whether going past in their car, on bike, or taking the shoe-lace express.

For many years I’ve been single on Valentine’s Day.  When you’re single, it’s more like “Single Person’s Awareness Day.”  I always enjoyed the day by heading out with my girlies to have martinis.  Not all people are as comfortable with being single as I have been, so I know that some spend the day being all sad.  My hope was to give them a gift on a day when they were expecting nothing while they knew that lots of others were getting flowers/chocolates/laid.  Maybe I’d make them smile and realize it’s not that big of a deal.  Great idea, huh?  Well, I never did it, but I didn’t read about any suicides or anything, so I think everybody made it through the day.

But why didn’t I do it?  I didn’t get the cookies baked until after dark.  Standing outside on a corner with no street lights would most likely get me hit by a car or picked up by a John.  So, I only got one item done on Monday’s mental list.  On the bright side, I had a great Valentine’s Day!!!

On to Tuesday.  It was a new day to succeed.  I wrote a list.  I included simple things like, “Update resume. Sweep. Go for walk.”  I managed to avoid Facebook’s sultry voice until these three things were done.  Unfortunately, the walk wasn’t so pleasant because I had eaten all but two of the cookies before I headed out.  If you don’t know me, consider yourself informed that my favorite thing and kryptonite is cookies.  I love them and my waist line hates them.  Either way, Tuesday was a “List Making/Doing” success!

Wednesday was also a success.  I rearranged the bedroom because I can’t seem to fall asleep at night.  I was hoping that the chi in the room would change and I’d start sleeping like a baby.  I’m still not sleeping well, but I did rearrage before checking my Facebook.  I also cleaned out the closet and sorted the clothes, but only after checking Facebook.  I had to get on there, though.  Information I needed was on there.  I needed to see who “Liked” my new pictures.  Whatever.  List done.  I’m giving myself an ‘A-‘.

Thursday I awoke to my pre-written list.  That’s right, I planned ahead!  On the list included going for a walk, buying stamps while on that walk, and making dinner.  I have to admit, that by putting, “make dinner” on the list I feel like I fail a bit.  I’ve obviously already been awake and checked my Facebook account by the time I make it.  I feel it’s acceptable.

Anyways, Thursday started out awesome because Sean’s mom called me about thirty minutes after I’d woken up to see if I wanted to walk downtown to run errands with her.  Even better because going to the post office was also on her list.  So my first two items were done nice and early.  I’m totally excited at this point in time.  Then, I had decided that once Sean got home, I was going to make scrambled egg burritos (which we have at least once a week because it’s easy, healthy, and cheap).  Once he’d gotten home, I told him that this was my plan, and he said he’d been craving tacos all day.  So, Sean went to the store and made the tacos.  While I didn’t do it, because Sean said he’d do it, I felt like I hadn’t completed my list.  Thankfully, the website that tells me how to prepare and complete a list says that if somebody else volunteers, let them do it.  That means I get a “completed in full” on my list for the day!

Friday the same thing happened for dinner.  I planned on leftovers, but Sean’s mom was coming over.  Since this was going to be the first time Sean had a dinner guest at this home, he wanted to make a good, solid dinner.  Again, he went to the store and made a great dinner.  I’ve got myself a great cook and I had an item on the list finished.  The next was to contact a company that is based in the town we’re going to move to in a few months.  They are a food research and development company that is based in Canada, but has facilities in America.  Not only do I love their food, I could also have them be my “sponsor” into Canada so that I have full access for six months at a time.  I would just have to reapply every six months.  It’s a total win-win.  Well, I don’t want to send the email at two o’clock in the morning, and after dinner with Sean’s mom, I wanted some quality time with my love… so I didn’t get that done.  The third item was to update the homemaker’s blog.  Since posting this at a late hour does not change the way any of you view me, I did it!

Now it’s the weekend, and as I always will, I’m going to enjoy the two days’ time off from this project.  The only question I have to answer is what it is that I will bring into the following weeks from this experience?  I could cheat and say, “Allowing others to take over my to-do items.”  Yes I could.  Maybe I will…  Yeah.  I think I will.  Okay, not really

The continuing improvement list:

  1. Finish tasks for the day before getting on the internet.  As I said, if they are like “dinner” and need to be done at a later hour, well then that doesn’t count.
  2. We will find out in a week!!!
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4 Responses to List-Week Results Are Processed!!!

  1. Dixie says:

    I was wondering where your blog had gone to, hadn’t seen anything for a week. Glad your still at it. You write well, cause the blog both amuses and frustrates me at the same time… I want to shake you and tell you to “Just do it!” … Keep up the good work!

  2. Mom says:

    Maybe you could get aroun the Facebook problem by adding “check facebook’ to your list? Then you wouldn’t be procrastnating you’d be checking off a to-do task. 🙂 I’m a thinker…. lol

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