My Current Home Making Agenda

I’ve realized that I’m not only writing this blog to entertain myself and a few readers.  I’m also writing it because there are no pages on the internet that have a reasonable way to transition from career-woman to home maker.  Sure, lots of women, and a few men, do it when they have kids.  What happens when you get laid off, fired, or just can’t find work?  How are you supposed to magically become a great stay at homer?  Homer.  Mmmm…. doughnuts.

I digress.

I think it would be helpful to tell you where I am at now, with my home making skills.  In the past month that I’ve been here, I’ve gone from doing pretty much nothing, to the following.

  • I make Sean’s lunch and coffee for him to go to work.  At the least, I have his lunch packed the night before and I have the coffee pot set up so he can just turn it on and pour when ready.
  • I have dinner ready for him when he gets home.  He does physical labor and is starving when he walks in the door.  After I coax him to stop walking around dropping metal shavings and paint all over I get him into the shower, I set the coffee table up for him to plop himself down and get his grub on.
  • I set up the couch for him to take a nap as soon as he’s done eating.  I bring out his pillow from the bedroom and set his favorite monkey blanket over the back of the couch so he can just pull it down.
  • I do the dishes at least twice a week.  They need to be done every day.  I hate doing dishes.
  • I do the laundry.  Not so good at getting it folded and put away.
  • I sweep the floor at least twice a week.  Between a hard working man and cat hair, it’s totally necessary.

That’s all I can think of for now.  In all seriousness… this is the extent of what I do.  I don’t make the bed, mop the floor, or any of those other things normal people do.  This is it.

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2 Responses to My Current Home Making Agenda

  1. Mom says:

    So the next obvious tasks are to do the dishes every day and fold and take care of all of the laundry each day? I think Holly’s book idea is great too. Can’t wait to hear more from my favorite blogger.

  2. d0johns1 says:

    As a dutiful house husband I offer the following advice:

    1) Swiffer Sweeper Vac. It allows you to sweep/clean more often only faster because…well…sweeping vacuum.

    2) Swiffer Wet Jet. Mopping is so 1999. Plus you’ll love the smell of the floors.

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