1996 Homecoming “Date”

The first step is admitting there’s a problem.  Since Higbee doesn’t have the ability to speak, as he’s a cat, I will do it for him.  Higbee is a bulimic.  His favorite place to purge is on a carpet.  In my current home, there are no carpets.  This has allowed for Higbee to delight in finding new places to let go.  His two favorite places are my boyfriend’s chair and my boyfriend’s side of the bed.  While this amuses me to no end, I pretend that Higbee is a “naughty cat.”

Sean, the afore-mentioned boyfriend, is a guy I went to high school with in the ’90s.  My freshman year of high school, he fell head over heels.  Since he was a new kid, I turned him down to be my Homecoming date.  I ended up going with somebody that I had grown up with.  The adorable thing is that Sean still came as a part of our Homecoming group, with another date.  There is a picture where he and I are standing together on my parents’ front stoop with our respective dates to the outside.  I have since cropped the photo to make it look like we were one another’s dates.  I did not turn him down that year to be my Snowcoming date, so those photos need no sneaky cropping.

Just a fun fact:  Sean still owns the tie in the right photo.

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